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Professional Wedding Films

At SD Wedding Films we've spent years perfecting our craft and building a portfolio of services that give clients everything they could dream of; without paying for things you don't need. 

We offer Wedding Highlight Videos, Wedding Films, RAW Footage and Wedding Documentaries!


Wedding Films

Ranging from 5 to 7 minutes all the way up to our extended wedding films of 7-10 minutes. These are master crafted films to create the ultimate short form retelling of your wedding day.

Wedding Films are one of our most sought after wedding videography services. They are incredibly cinematic, romantic and breath taking. They will bring tears of joy and evoke emotions that you didn't know were possible with your wedding videography. 

Our standard and most popular choice is the 5 to 7 minute Wedding Film found in the Classic & Action! Collections. The 5 to 7 minute film is long enough to fit the majority of your vows, without taking away from the rest of your video. With 5 to 7 minutes we can also mix two songs. Picking one song that is slower and more cinematic to build up the emotion. The second song we can pick something more upbeat and celebratory to end off the video. 

The Timeless Collection & The Cinema Collection feature our 7 to 10 minute Extended Wedding Films. Our Extended wedding films are just an extension of the shorter 5 to 7 minute wedding film. What makes them differ is the addition of Toast Highlights and more time to intermix moments throughout the edit. We also can typically mix 3 songs with an Extended Wedding Film creating a video with several climactic moments, keeping you on the edge of your seat!

Wedding Films

Wedding Films

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Let's talk about making your dream wedding video come to life! We're available Monday - Sunday for free consultations. During your consultation we'll learn more about you, your budget, and your hopes with wedding videography. Then we can suggest a collection and give you a real time estimate!

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