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RAW Footage Wedding

At SD Wedding Films we've spent years perfecting our craft and building a portfolio of services that give clients everything they could dream of; without paying for things you don't need. 

We offer Wedding Highlight Videos, Wedding Films, RAW Footage and Wedding Documentaries!


RAW Footage

This is a general example of RAW footage. You'll see that all of the footage that play's first is from our A-Cam aka our "beauty cam". A-Cam will have recording started and stopped throughout the day to capture all of that beautiful B-Roll for your wedding video. What you'll notice with A-Cam is that all of your audio from the ceremony and other key moments is synced! This means that while A-Cam is mostly focused on shots for a highlight reel, it still works for watching back RAW Footage. 

After the A-Cam plays through, you'll see everything recorded on B-Cam is shot with a wider angle to capture the majority of the scene. We will have B-Cam rolling during all of your key moments as a "master shot" of the event. B-Cam is the intended "rewatch" while A-Cam is the icing on the cake. 


RAW Footage of your wedding video is exactly that, RAW! You'll see all of the outtakes, bad takes, out of focus shots, shaky shots, etc. What you'll also see is some amazing candid moments, a beautiful replay of your whole ceremony and toasts and many amazing memories that you get to relive for a lifetime to come.

We believe in sharing every moment captured with our couples; that's why every package comes with complementary RAW Footage for all wedding videography packages. We take it a step further, syncing audio and adding our personalized color preset to all of your clips; giving you beautiful and seamless playback of every moment.

While many of our competitors may offer RAW footage, few of them take the time that we do to ensure it's usable. Audio & Video are recorded separately. Without taking the time to sync the audio in post, you won't hear your own vows, or the music to your first dance! 


When recording your wedding video, our cameras record in a color gamut called "LOG". This is a technical term for flat and dull! While LOG gives us much more flexibility to color grade the footage in post, it looks awful until we do. That's why we also apply our color grade preset to all of your clips in your RAW footage. So when you watch back your RAW wedding video footage it sounds good and looks amazing!

Your RAW footage will be delivered along with your edited video through our online cinema gallery. You can replay your RAW footage from any Smart TV, Computer or Cell Phone! We also offer unlimited downloads of your videos and keep them active on your cinema gallery for a guaranteed 1 year.

Wedding Videography should always include your RAW footage, so if you book with another company make sure they sync your audio and apply some coloring! 

Let's Chat!

Let's talk about making your dream wedding video come to life! We're available Monday - Sunday for free consultations. During your consultation we'll learn more about you, your budget, and your hopes with wedding videography. Then we can suggest a collection and give you a real time estimate!

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