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Drone Wedding

At SD Wedding Films we've spent years perfecting our craft and building a portfolio of services that give clients everything they could dream of; without paying for things you don't need. 

We offer Wedding Highlight Videos, Wedding Films, RAW Footage and Wedding Documentaries!


Drone Wedding Videography

All of our packages include a trained drone pilot and ultra crisp 4k drone videos to improve the story telling of your wedding video; completely free.

Adding drones to your wedding videography is one of the most powerful ways to set the scene and establish a new perspective. 

Every wedding videography collection comes with free drone footage, even our RAW packages. With our solo shooter packages, we'll grab drone at the start of the day to establish the scene of your venue. Throughout the day if there is a time we'll bring the drone back out for a few more cinematics. 

With our two cinematographer packages we have more flexibility to bring the drone out several times throughout the day, using it in unique ways that truly makes your video one of a kind. 

When do we fly drone? 

We tend to fly drone at the start of your coverage hours. This gives us the best opportunity for beautiful drone video without a lot of distractions in the shot (catering trucks, venue staff etc). Once we begin filming with you, the opportunities to fly the drone become much less frequent. 

Plan time for drone. 

Drone video is an incredible addition to your wedding video. That being said it takes more time to setup, prepare and capture amazing drone video than it does with a traditional camera. One of the things to consider is that time spent filming with the drone is time that could be spent filming an excess of B-Roll. This is why we fly the drone during the start of your coverage hours and rarely does it take flight again later in the day. If you want lots of incredible drone shots, make sure its in your timeline. 

Flight Restrictions

While drone is included free, in every package, that does not mean that we can always capture drone footage. Some venues do not allow drones. Also we are not permitted to fly within 5 miles of any major airports (in this case, San Diego International). Smaller airports that are in Class D and Class E airspace are more flexible and generally don't provide to much hassle unless your venue is within 1 mile or in the direct flight path. During the wedding day your videographer will be equipped with the knowledge to make the decision on whether we can fly the drone or not. 

Weather Effecting Drone Video

As long as it's sunny and not to windy we can fly! If there is rain, snow, sleet, or high winds we won't be able to fly the drone. 

Let's Chat!

Let's talk about making your dream wedding video come to life! We're available Monday - Sunday for free consultations. During your consultation we'll learn more about you, your budget, and your hopes with wedding videography. Then we can suggest a collection and give you a real time estimate!

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