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Our Mission

Cinematic Excellence

With a combined 40+ years of experience in the film making industry. SD Wedding Films brings a fresh new perspective on wedding videography that clients are raving about!

Wedding videography doesn't need to be complicated, confusing or over priced. Every couple deserves cinematic excellence at a price they can afford. We've spent years perfecting our services to offer clients a variety of wedding videography options. Our goal is for every couple we work with to get their dream wedding video, no matter what their budgetary constraints may be. When you book with SD Wedding Films you know that you'll have a team of experts dedicated to crafting perfection!

Image by Chiến Phạm

Our Goal

Our goal is to take you on a journey filled with love, joy and emotion with each replay of your wedding video. All of our edits focus on creating a cinematic experience that leaves you breathless. 

Our Focus

Our focus is simple. Quality and affordability. While we offer high end packages for a truly cinematic masterpiece, we offer affordable solutions that will give you a dream worthy wedding film.

Image by Kate

Our Signature Style

With our 40 years of combined experience, we have created a signature shooting style that allows us to give you the wedding video of your dreams, at an affordable price. 

Our core wedding packages, The Highlights, The Classic and The Timeless all feature one wedding videographer. While many of our competitors will insist on two videographers, we're able to provide better results with one highly skilled videographer. 

During your day, you'll find that our wedding videographers will use two high end cameras throughout the day. This allows us to capture multiple angles with one shooter. While one camera is set on a tripod for a beautiful static shot, the other camera will be in the hands of a true master at their craft. While hands on with the camera, we'll capture incredible beauty shots; over the shoulders of the vows, tight shots of reactions and the ring exchange, sweeping shots of the ceremony and so much more. 

Many competitors will setup three cameras, often even more. This causes more problems that it's worth while you have one videographer. With multiple cameras comes multiple distractions, which leads to missing incredible shots. With only two high end cameras your videographer is focusing their intention on getting the best possible shots. 

Taking it a step further, everyone on our team is trained to give you direction throughout the day. Rather than just filming like a fly on the wall, our videographers will setup incredible shots and make you feel like a true Hollywood star. 

Then in the editing process, we make magic out of all of the incredible moments that we're shot with intention. 

A great wedding video isn't about lots of coverage, it's about understanding what evokes powerful emotion. It's about story telling. That's why everything we do is about creating an experience that will take your breath away. 

Now for our clients with a budget for two videographers; think how much better your video will be with two of our highly skilled shooters than just two regular wedding videographers? 

The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is made up of seasoned experts in the industry with a collective 100+ years of experience telling timeless love stories. Each one of our lead cinematographers is a seasoned member of our team and experienced in shooting to our style; providing all of our couples with the results they expect and the quality they deserve.

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