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Feature Length Wedding Films

At SD Wedding Films we've spent years perfecting our craft and building a portfolio of services that give clients everything they could dream of; without paying for things you don't need. 

We offer Wedding Highlight Videos, Wedding Films, RAW Footage and Wedding Documentaries!


Cinematic Documentary

At SD Wedding Films we make it our goal to create your dream wedding video, no matter if its a cinematic short film or a masterfully crafted documentary edit. 

We like to compare our documentary edits to that of Netflix's incredible cinematic storytelling with their documentaries. A Documentary doesn't have to look and feel like a PBS special. It can still be dramatic, impactful, emotional and cinematic. 

Out Documentary edits are the ultimate story telling medium for your wedding videography. These edits maintain beautiful cinematics as it transitions from key moments throughout the day. The Documentary edits will contain the majority of your ceremony, first dance, toasts etc. We polish up those moments to keep the cinematic flow going without cutting out any of the special moments that took place during the day. 

Let's Chat!

Let's talk about making your dream wedding video come to life! We're available Monday - Sunday for free consultations. During your consultation we'll learn more about you, your budget, and your hopes with wedding videography. Then we can suggest a collection and give you a real time estimate!

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