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An Iconic San Diego Wedding Video at Tom Ham's Lighthouse

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Mayra and Michael's wedding video is an absolute masterpiece! From our Chronicles collection, this wedding is one of our stunning Feature Length Cuts. Every beautiful moment of their ceremony and all of the kind words said during toasts all wrapped into one amazing edited masterpiece. There's no shortage of beautiful cinematography and fun editing in this video, its packed full!

If you're looking for those iconic San Diego skyline shots for your wedding, it doesn't get much better than Tom Ham's Lighthouse. We have the pleasure of shooting here frequently and it is always one of our favorite locations to film. With Hotels being just moments away, Tom Ham's Lighthouse makes for a perfect wedding venue. From a videography stand point, everything is close together, there's no stairs (life saver for video) and there's no shortage of great shots to capture!

If you're planning on getting married in San Diego and want the iconic look for your Wedding Video then I can't recommend Tom Ham's Lighthouse enough!

Being that the ceremony site is slightly smaller, our style of wedding videography is a perfect option as we can be quick on our feet to capture all the incredible shots during your ceremony giving you the maximum coverage for your wedding video.

Once you're ready to move into reception, it's just a few feet away! As a wedding videographer, having ceremony and reception close to each other is a god send. It's close enough that we don't have to tear down tripods, cart them up and move them to the next location. Instead we can just grab our gear, walk 30 feet, and be ready to go! Little things like this add up to making your wedding video all that much better.

Logistics is always something Wedding Videographers have to struggle with. Photographers have it easy, they don't have tripods and audio to worry about! As wedding videographers, we always appreciate clients who pick locations that make our lives easier. The less we have to fight with the logistics the more we can focus on capturing amazing footage for your wedding video.

That's why Tom Ham's Lighthouse has a gold star from us as a San Diego Wedding Venue.

The beautiful header photo was taken by Gleimlight Photography and Productions, our parent company and one of the best choices for Wedding Photo & Video! You can take a look at more of their work here:

Here's a couple images from the wedding to give you a taste of what Tom Ham's Lighthouse has to offer as a Wedding Venue in San Diego.

What an absolutely incredible day this was! We loved being a part of it and can't recommend Tom Ham's Lighthouse enough as your San Diego Wedding Venue!

Lead Videographer - Jacob

The Lead Videographer was me (Jacob) for this wedding. I had a blast capturing such a magical feature length wedding film for Mayra & Michael. Their love for classical music and sophistication gave me the inspiration to film in a more traditional manner, creating this timeless look.

Interested in hiring SD Wedding Films as your San Diego Wedding Videographer?! Contact us today and let's plan your dream wedding video!


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