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While SD Wedding Films is a Videography only studio, we frequently partner up with some of the best Photographers in Southern California! 

Our first recommendation is Gleimlight parent company and the Photography side of our business.

Through Gleimlight, we offer wedding photography and videography bundles, and offer a team of professionals that have shot together for years.

In an industry over saturated with photographers and videographers, it can be hard to find a name you can trust. That's why Gleimlight has spent nearly a decade creating an outstanding service record and collecting well over 200 5 Star reviews. 

If you're looking for something a little different, take a look at the amazing photogs we commonly work with below!

Our Favorites!

This list is hand picked to provide our clients with a variety of photography choices in style and budget. Everyone on this list works with us on a regular basis; so you know we mesh!

Your photographer not on this list? No problem! We're on your team so we work well with any photographer. These are simply photogs we work with all the time.

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