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Drone Wedding

At SD Wedding Films we've spent years perfecting our craft and building a portfolio of services that give clients everything they could dream of; without paying for things you don't need. 

We offer Wedding Highlight Videos, Wedding Films, RAW Footage and Wedding Documentaries!


Inspire Add-On

Normal drone footage is amazing, but being honest, it's not the best quality. Nor is it very dynamic or cinematic. Our Inspire Add-On aims to fix that! 

What is the Inspire Add-On? 

In short, it's an upgraded drone, a $16,000 drone. It's an Inspire 2 equipped with a Zenmuse X7, Cinema DNG & 4 Top End lenses. It is a cinematic powerhouse. 

Why is it better? 

Traditional drones have low quality cameras with a fixed lens. The camera on the Inspire 2 is top of the line capturing 6k RAW with over 14 stops of dynamic range. This will make a noticeable difference in the quality of our drone shots. Taking it a step further the camera is an interchangeable lens mount. This means we can use either our 16, 24, 35 or 50mm lenses. Most drones have around a 16mm focal length. This is great for capturing an aerial shot of everything, but it doesn't show a sense of scale, or grandeur. Using different lenses we can compress the background, adding depth and scale to an image for a truly spectacular effect. 

What all comes in the Add-On? 
With the Inspire Add-On, you'll get the drone and some additional time at the start of the day for us to fly the drone without cutting into your scheduled hours you booked. It also includes mission planning and submission for LAANC approval. This means we can fly in zones we otherwise wouldn't be able to fly in. Also, it includes an FAA certified and insured Part 107 pilot.   

Should I get the Inspire Add-On? 
Let's chat about it on a consultation call! You'll be surprised how often we advise against it. For certain situations though it is beyond worth it!

Let's Chat!

Let's talk about making your dream wedding video come to life! We're available Monday - Sunday for free consultations. During your consultation we'll learn more about you, your budget, and your hopes with wedding videography. Then we can suggest a collection and give you a real time estimate!

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